1. Die scharfe Fremde

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    I was going to this new beach with a friend. I had no
    idea that it was a nude beach until we got there. I
    looked at Cindy when we drove up to the entrance to the
    parking lot. She just smiled.
    I said, "You're really sneaky."
    "Would you have come along?"
    "Probably after a while."
    Cindy said, "I just didn't want to waste the time
    trying to get you to go with me, and it is such a
    beautiful day."
    "Yeah, I guess your right."
    "Besides," she said, "you don't have to remove your
    swim trunks if you don't want to. But if you do and you
    get embarrassed just roll over and lay on your stomach.
    But I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself, so just relax."
    "Ok," I said.
    We walked out onto the beach and set our beach blanket
    and beach chairs down, and our cooler. There were other
    people there, but there was plenty of space. I watched
    Cindy remove her bikini.
    I tried not to look at Cindy's naked body. I have seen
    her in her bikini many times, but I felt a little
    strange ...
    ... this time. I've even seen her without a top
    before, but not totally naked. It took courage for her
    to expose herself to me. I thought to myself that I'm
    being silly; because Cindy and I are just good friends
    and we had been for many years. So I pushed down my
    trunks and stepped out of them.
    "See," Cindy said, "that wasn't that hard, was it? See,
    no one is paying any attention to us."
    "Yeah, you're right. I just hope I don't get an
    erection--that would be embarrassing."
    Cindy looked down and said, "I bet you look nice when
    you do get an erection."
    I looked at her a little shocked at what she'd just
    said. Then she smiled, "You're so easy to tease," and
    she laughed.
    But I felt myself getting hard, and lay down on the
    blanket on my stomach.
    I said, "See what you've done."
    "Lying here, no, I can't see a thing."
    I looked up at her. She was smiling down at me. I
    couldn't help but look up at her pussy. She had her
    hands on her hips and had pushed them forward exposing
    herself to me. Damn, she looked hot. She was having a
    good time at my expense. I looked back down and away
    from her because my cock was throbbing. Wow, Cindy
    looked great and she seemed to enjoy me looking at her.
    I said, "I thought you were my friend."
    I guess she thought she had pushed this naked beach
    thing to far. She realized I was getting frustrated
    with her. So she sat next to me and said, "Jimmy I'm
    sorry. I didn't mean to ...