1. Guide: leading your beta

    Datum: 13.09.2020, Kategorien: Fetisch Autor: Sissy-Tina

    This guide is a bit different. It’s for the women who are already with a beta, or may be curious about what having a beta in their life would provide them.
    Why have a beta?
    There are many very good reasons for a woman to keep betas around. You see this already, many women happily friendzone boys who are clearly beta. They often won’t discard them just because they don’t want to have sex with them.
    Here’s some of the reasons to have a beta:
    Money. His desire for you didn’t go away just because you friend zoned him. He will happily pay for things. If he’s not already offering, try outright asking. You’ll be surprised how willing he is to provide money.
    Tasks. Similar to money, but if you need a person who will run errands for you, fix your computer, paint the fence - he’ll happily do it for you.
    Self esteem. While his self esteem will be shot, who doesn’t enjoy people doting on them? Empower yourself ladies, get some betas around you.
    Training him
    Once you know he’s on the hook, it’s time to ramp things up. You will likely need to do a few things here to make sure the hook of his obsession with you is bedded deep into him.
    This is the step that many woman will find uncomfortable, but really unlocks the benefits in their life.
    Talk about your sex life. This will drive him insane, he’ll be thinking all about what you do with Real Men. He’ll be stroking in private to what you tell him. So be sure to talk about it semi-frequently. Enjoy the little barbed comments you can make too, like “I like that I can tell you this, you’re such a good friend. It feels like I’m telling one of my best girlfriends”.
    Reduce his self esteem. As with the comment mentioned above, continually make small (some times big!) comments that emphasis his beta place in your relation. Some examples:
    “Thanks for always being there. Not many men would spend this much time with a woman they aren’t having sex with”.
    “It must be hard for you sometimes, with not many woman finding you attractive”
    “Some guys are just destined to not procreate, but that’s OK - you can still have a great life”
    “Maybe you could try working out to try and be more attractive?” (even if he is actually in shape).
    Make him pay. Outright tell him to pay for things. Start with drinks when you’re out, but level it up over time. I recommend:
    First have him pay for things when together.
    Then level up to taking him with you when shopping and ask him to pay for something. This takes things to the next level because he’s now paying for things that he’s not even involved with.
    Then have him pay for some lingerie for you that you just know your boyfriend would love.
    Longer term, if possible, have him add his credit card to your Amazon account or similar. This lets you use his money without having to see him. Trust me: he’ll be rubbing himself raw knowing you’re buying things with his money.
    Encourage him to stay single. Let’s be honest, despite this fetish, some ...